Insurance requirements for studying in Singapore

Insurance information for Singapore

Studying in Singapore is a great experience. But you want to make sure that you won’t run any risks. That’s why you need insurance in case anything unforeseen happens. Applying for the right insurance can be tricky, because you need to comply with the law and regulations of Singapore. Your university might also have additional insurance requirements. We can help you with the right insurance for your situation, so your insurance is accepted by universities and immigration authorities in Singapore.

If you already have insurance, have a second look, as it might not be enough. You must follow the criteria set by your university, local laws and regulations, and immigration laws.

What is typically missing in local or other insurances:

  • Additional medical costs
  • Repatriation
  • Liability
  • Home contents and baggage
  • Accidents
  • Legal aid

About Singapore

Singapore is widely recognized as a prominent center for business and education, drawing students from around the globe. The local universities uphold rigorous academic standards and offer exceptional courses, ranking among the top educational institutions in Asia. Notably, their programs in Business, Economics, and Trade stand out as some of the best. To alleviate the financial burden, students have the opportunity to apply for government subsidies and scholarships. The prevalence of the English language, spoken ubiquitously even in local households, facilitates easier integration into the local society and lifestyle. Moreover, coupling this linguistic advantage with one's academic expertise enhances prospects for securing well-paid employment in Singapore's thriving economy after graduation.